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Double Bass

As a double bassist, I bring a rich and deep tone to any musical project. With my experience in classical and jazz genres, I am able to provide a strong and dynamic bassline that complements and enhances the overall sound of the music. Whether it's arco or pizzicato, I have the technique and musicality to make the double bass an integral part of any ensemble.

Electric Bass

As an electric bassist, I provide a solid foundation for any musical ensemble. My fingerstyle, picking, and slap techniques create a wide range of tones and textures, and I can quickly and accurately learn any piece of music with my high-level music reading ability.


As a tuba player, I bring a unique depth and richness to any ensemble. My extensive experience in both classical and jazz styles allows me to play in a variety of musical settings, from orchestras to big bands to small ensembles. Whether providing a strong bassline or a melodic solo, I strive to bring a level of musicality and creativity to every performance.


On trombone, I bring a robust and versatile sound to musical endeavors. My experience covers classical and jazz styles, allowing me to contribute dynamic lines that amplify the music's depth. Whether it's smooth and melodic or punchy and powerful, my technique and musical sensibility ensure the trombone becomes an essential element, enriching the ensemble's overall sound.


As an alphorn player, I bring a unique sound and atmosphere to any project. With its long, haunting tones, the alphorn can add a sense of depth and richness to any musical composition. Whether used as a solo instrument or in an ensemble setting, the alphorn has the ability to transport the listener to another time and place. With my experience and passion for this instrument, I am excited to bring this distinctive sound to your project or event.

Wind Synth (EVI)

Playing the wind synth allows me to create an endless variety of sounds and textures, ranging from classic synth tones to atmospheric soundscapes. I enjoy experimenting with different effects and modulation techniques to create a unique sonic landscape that complements the musical context of any project. My ability to layer and blend multiple sounds adds depth and dimension to recordings, making them stand out from the crowd.

Tenor/Bass Herald Trumpet

I am also skilled in playing the bass and tenor herald trumpet for ceremonial events, processions, and fanfares. With its unique sound, the herald trumpet adds a regal and celebratory touch to any occasion. It also adds depth to standard melody herald trumpets.  I have experience performing on the herald trumpet for various events, including weddings, parades, and graduations.

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