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As a freelance musician around Florida, I have been called to perform with some of the top national and international acts.  I've worked in a few dozen countries and a few dozen states, in every genre from classical to rock to jazz to world music.  I've worked with and for some of the most well-known names in the music and entertainment world, and have held a very colorful career.

Here’s an exhaustive list of some of the most notable performances:

• Alan Parsons Project
• Amy Grant
• Bernadette Peters
• Chicago: The Musical US Tour (Florida venues)
• Chicago: The Musical China Tour
• Cirque Christmas Special
• Dennis DeYoung of Styx
• Don Rickles
• Don Soledad Flamenco Group
• Donny Most
• Electric Light Orchestra
• Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds in Concert
• Four Phantoms
• Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
• Game of Thrones in Concert
• George Benson
• Il Divo

• Indigo Girls

• Irish Tenors

• Joan Rivers

• Little River Band
• Lou Diamond-Phillips
• Martha & The Vandellas
• Natalie Merchant
• Nestor Torres
• Phantom of the Opera US Tour (Florida venues)
• Pokémon in Concert
• Poncho Sanchez (Latin Jazz)
• Ragtime the Musical
• Rico Monaco Band (Latin Rock)
• Tito Nieves (Salsa)
• Video Games Live
• Zelda Symphony

Other performances:
• Telemundo (Yo Soy El Artista)
• Multiple performances at Universal Studios
• Walt Disney World (a top call musician in the park)

some gear:

Electric Basses:


• Fender P-bass, Labella 0760M Strings & low action

• Fender P-bass, Labella 0760M Strings, high action, string mute, Quarter Pounder pickups

• Fender P-bass, Rotosound Swing Bass strings

• Fender Jazz Bass, Rotosound Swing Bass Strings

• Squier Jazz Bass, Fretless, Rotosound custom "Jaco" string set

• Sire Jazz Bass, 5-string, Rotosound Swing Bass strings

• D. Lakin Jazz Bass, Labella 0760M strings

• Breedlove Passport acoustic bass with Labella nylon classical bass strings

• Epiphone EB-M bass with Rotosound tenor bass strings (ADGC tuning)


Double Bass:

• 1945 Kay M-1

• D'addario Hybrid Helicore Strings

• Underwood Bass pickup

• Francis Deck HPF-Pre

• Hipshot Bass Xtender x2, to tune bass CGDG on the fly as an alternate tuning


• Conn 12J 3/4 BBb tuba

• Kanstul 900/4-B 5/4 Concert tuba

• Robert Tucci and Joe Sellmansberger Mouthpieces​


• Berglund Instruments NuEVI

• Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer

• Yamaha VL-70M Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator, with Patchman Turbo Chip


Recording equipment:

• Shure SM 57/58 microphones

• Neumann u87 LDC Microphone

• Schoeps CMC5 SDC Microphone

• DTAR Solstice Acoustic Preamp

• Focusrite Scarlet 8i6 Audio Interface

• Zoom H6 Portable Recorder

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